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We know that choosing the right lawyer can seriously impact rest of anyone’s life. Therefore, when we take a new client on board, we always remember that our client’s success is our success too.

Our practice focuses on litigation of civil disputes and we provide a full range of services to meet our client’s needs. Speak to us today!



We provide strong criminal defence to prevent an erroneous mistake (or misunderstanding) from completely ruining someone’s future:

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Civil Litigation

We vigorously fight for our client’s rights in legal disputes, especially, in the areas of shareholder disputes, real estate litigation, estate litigation, and other related areas particularly related to asset division:

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We also handle and assist our clients with complimentary related solicitor services once litigation proceedings are completed or avoided.

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Our practice is primarily focused on representing clients in civil disputes with particular emphasis on shareholder disputes, real estate litigation, estate disputes and other related civil litigation dispute matters, as well as Criminal/Quasi-Criminal charges Legal Defence.

About Us

ME Law Professional Corporation is based In the heart of downtown Toronto.

We specialize in trial litigation, yet through our diligent cross-practice we have gained strong and extensive practice in multiple areas of law, including Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Wills and Estates, Criminal and Notary Public Services.

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ME Law Professional Corporation

Honest Testimonials

100% of our clients recommend our civil litigation services

May literally saved my life after I was about to lose my home. She worked very hard negotiating with other parties lawyer and also provided me with options how to resolve my case that I didn’t even think of. Moreover, after the whole arrangement I ended up even having a little bit of cushion to sort out all my affairs that led me to the misfortunate set of events.


Business Owner

I am a very busy contractor, especially during the summer month, even with my own lawyer but I needed an actual Trial Lawyer as I got into a really weird situation with one of the clients where I was acting as a subcontractor.

Essentially, and I realize that it might not be the case, but I think that client just wanted to create a conflict situation out of nothing in the first place right from the very start just in order to try to sue the seller of the equipment and then to get even better merchandise (deal) instead of paying for it more right from the start (the second item she spoke on her FB profile was 3x the original merchandize cost). Thus, starting from the very first day we arrived to inspect the site, the client did not show, nor wasn’t even interested in showing any kind of cooperation to us (which immediately rang the bell as others just can’t wait for us to finish). In addition, each day the client was changing their minds regardless of our notices that new changes would require a total structural amendments and would result in even more work, expenses and etc, not even mentioning that potentially might damage the installed equipment, if not installed properly.

Thus, from the very first moment working with ME Law, they demonstrated a very professional approach and respect to us both in taking us as clients and in working through the case as well. They thoroughly investigated what really had happened, collected all the evidence and almost built up a full scale court defence to start the resolution process with that client where I was a subcontractor. I was even getting actually panic attacks prior to hiring ME Law as I started doubting myself but Thank God, it is all over now (and, although, it did, indeed, cost a little bit for us to finalize it all -but it is always definitely better to hire an experienced lawyer who totally acts on your side, understands you and really fights for you to the very end rather than creating additional risks to your business than do it all under yourself under additional stress).

Thus, all in all, that peace of mind knowing that professionals are handling it in the proper manner was definitely worth that additional expense.



Family Law: separation agreement, asset split and child Custody

I don’t want to say a lot but Thank God it’s over!

Moreover, even though I do not want to throw any more stones in the opposite side and just leave it all finally at peace at this stage but thanks very much to May, nevertheless, as she really fought for the best scenario for my son’s custody and his future even though both the opposite side was not co-operative from the start along with a very strong lawyer representation from their side too but we still did manage to get what we wanted from the very beginning in all aspects of the separation, i.e. asset split and child custody! Thanks a lot, May!



My case is still ongoing (as it was taken by insurance company lawyers’ now) but I definitely want to say big Thanks to May after she started working with me regarding this totally vexatious litigation case brought against me by a person who is liable himself as he either did not want to pay attention, nor deliberately got into this episode so just want to make money out of me now even though he did not suffer any Damages whatsoever (nor any harm was caused to him, nor anything else as it was just a minor misfortune accident) extended now into a civil litigation claim in itself and amplified by the plaintiff himself to a greater extent, as was mentioned above.

All in all, May, who worked with me on this matter, has always shown me greatest sense of respect, she would literally return your calls or emails almost within hour or two, if not immediately, if she was available, and she is really a great professional and a very nice person in general just to deal with.


Health professional

I am a passionate entrepreneur, visionary and a risk-taker. I have a number of successful businesses but, unfortunately, I have had some bad luck with one of my projects too. Thus, I got into a very serious problem with one of the creditors when things did not go according to plan, unfortunately, and, regardless of all my good efforts to resolve it amicably, things just spiraled and spiraled out of my control until it was almost too late. As a result, it could all have even ruined my other cash generating businesses on which my lifeblood greatly depends on too.

Mind you, I contacted the other lawyer prior to starting working with May and shockingly that lawyer, frankly, did not even know what the hell he was doing at all, even though he was calling himself a Corporate Lawyer, with everything on a lockdown during lockdown, not helping either. But let me tell you that once the ball start rolling (asset freezes, garnishments and etc) and, even as a very educated and savvy in all these matters professionals myself, the complexity of Civil Litigation procedure as well as the whole notion of Superior Court of Justice becomes so intense and stressful that you really gotta have a really good lawyer by your side to get involved in order to make sure that it gets resolved right as repercussions could be absolutely devastating.

Therefore, I think May did her very best in my case and we managed to resolve it in the most effective fashion. nevertheless. She does, indeed, work really hard for her corporate clients and is very candid in her dealings as well as in a very time-efficient manner totally understanding the legal consequences if things would not go according to plan so she has enough time for Plan B just in case too. But I definitely will be using May for any of my future legal needs.



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