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If you wish to make, update or review your will every now and then, just to keep your financial affairs in order in the event of your death or in case if you require legal structure set up for your personal affairs , a qualified ME Law’s asset protection lawyer is ready to assist you.
Over the years, we have learned that the most important factor in any Asset Protection issue is the prudency factor. Due to our extensive trial litigation experience, we have the ability to anticipate multiple scenarios; therefore, we prepare our clients for every possible consequence.
We also know how important it is to set up all right from the very start and in the most effective manner, since a minor mistake or typo could result in undesired delays or complications or, moreover, unclear instructions can create a consecutive mess in persons’s affairs. Thus, whether you’re concerned about a succession or wealth protection matter, we can thoroughly rectify or improve wills, as well as provide peace of mind to small-/medium- /and even high-worth individuals, or guide you in the right direction to expert level, if necessary, to arrange the right solution tailored (minimum/optimal/maximum) for you or your loved ones’ interests.

Experienced Toronto Wills and Estate Lawyers
Wills and Estates Succession
Wills and Estates Drafting of primary wills
Wills and Estates Drafting of secondary wills
Wills and Estates Estate planning
Wills and Estates Power of attorney for property
Wills and Estates Power of attorney for care

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The Ontario process of will writing and estate planning can be extremely complicated. Hiring the ME Law upright team of Toronto succession lawyers guarantees you will receive qualified counsel and legal representation at every step.

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100% of our clients recommend our Wills and Estate services.

May is an outstanding professional. She did Wills for all our family: myself, my husband and then she did additional work for our son's family too because they wanted to be done with May as well. Her detailed and meticulous approach were something every professional should learn in order how to really be performing. Not only did she helped to draft our Wills twice and included all the necessary changes right on time, but she did that while I was very busy travelling and so there were no delays and complications from all that for me too. She always responded to my communications as early as possible from her side and I can't recommend her enough to anyone who is interested in quality rather than just someone who does not care about their work ethic and clients that much. Moreover, her rates for such work were very-very reasonable too.


Health Professional & Consultant

May was the fourth Wills and Estate lawyer I went to talk to and it was like day and night between the prior lawyers I met to May's approach. Firstly, May suggested that we list my assets separately so it would be easier for my family members to identify where to search and for what assets in the Will (exactly what I wanted right from the beginning) in case if something were happen to me unexpectedly and I wouldnt have time to go over through these with them. Secondly, and right from the very start, I also wanted to formally separate what I want to leave to each family member, considering their level of responsibility and maturity along with the fact that I do not want to disclose it all to the family members for now in all the details so not to cause any family disputes, and May totally supported me on that contrary to all previous lawyers who just wanted to draft very basic standard Will without any of these details as it would take too much of their time to do it for such fee, even though I was okay with paying the higher rate but, in order, just to make it all right the way I want it for me. Thirdly, I also wanted to draft a Power of Attorney/Power of Care in case if something unexpectedly were to happen to me and May also prepared these documents for me.
All in all, many lawyer nowadays want to do as minimum amount of work as possible and just to get the money out of clients without any care at all and this was definitely not the case with May. May Elajami is definitely a very diligient professional who you want to have a long lasting relationship with and to be your Family Lawyer in general altogether. Definitely recommend her to All!


Interior Design Business Owner

Will Writing
Will Writing

Poorly drafted wills could make them invalid or lead to incorrect execution, resulting in loved ones not being able to receive their estate shares. As a fully-qualified asset lawyers and will writers, we will help you prepare a clear and valid will in accordance to your wishes. We are knowledgeable enough to cover all the consistency and completeness aspects of your legacy’s distribution and make sure your estate can be settled as hassle-free as possible, leaving no room for interpretation. We do not recommend putting it off any longer. Get in touch with us for:

  • Will Writing Drafting of Primary Wills
  • Will Writing Drafting of Secondary Wills
  • Will Writing Advice on Inheritance tax
Power Of Attorney
Power Of Attorney

A Power Of Attorney is the legal document used to appoint someone to act and make decisions on your behalf, if you no longer wish or you are not able to make them yourself. Depending on the type of Power of Attorney you opt for, it can cover your financial and/or personal affairs, but not all can be used should you become mentally incapable. By contacting us, we will meticulously explain and advise you on which category is suitable for your situation. Our Power of Attorney services include:

  • Power Of Attorney Drafting of Continuing Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power Of Attorney Drafting of Non-Continuing Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power Of Attorney Drafting of Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Do you want to create, change or challenge a will?

At Me Law, our remarkable track record is accompanied by exceptional “people skills.” We work tirelessly to solve your estate planning and asset protection issues while minimizing costs, delays, and negative outcomes. Consult our FAQ section or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Fees?

Our Fees depend on your specific situation. We provide an initial FREE 30 minutes consultation to evaluate your case. We will then determine the complexity and the amount of work that needs to be done, any other factors that might influence your particular situation. We discuss with you payment options such an hourly rate fee or block fee following that.

How many Trustees and Power of Attorney's can I name?

You can name as many as you want. You can name the same people or you can name different people. You can also have a back up named just in case the person you named fails to survive you or is unable and unwilling to act or do the work.

At ME Law we will speak to you about the advantages and disadvantages of naming more than one person as a trustee.

When/Where can you see me?

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of dowtown Toronto, right across from Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The closest subway stations are either St.George or Bay/Yonge/Bloor or Museum stations. There is a municipal parking in the back of the building. After our initial consultation over the phone, we will make an appointment and discuss all your matters confidentialy at our office.

Hiring of Experts

We refer our to clients, depending on their needs, to experts in other areas to help them plan for their future. For example, if you are looking to minimize your tax for estate planning purposes or you would like tax planning advice we would refer you to a certified professional accountant who would put together a report that we would refer to when we draft your will. We can also refer you to financial advisors who would help you with wealth management. Our main goal is to ensure that your goals and plans are achieved and protected.

Where do I store my will?

You can store your will and power of attorney's at home in a fire proof safe or in a safety deposit box at the bank. We also keep copies of the wills and power of attorney's. You can also make certified copies of your wills and power of attorney's and provide them to your trustees with instructions to only open the package or envelopes when required or if something were to happen.

Do you do probates after the person dies?

Yes. We assist estate trustees throughout the process.

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