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Are you thinking of filing for divorce and do not know where to start? ME Law understands how stressful and uncertain these situations can be. Our lawyers always try to provide a very compassionate approach and deliver value for such significant legal expenses that we understand are part of the process that no one has anticipated.

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Very often, certain partners tend to engage in asset dissipation techniques during or before the separation or divorce, and this is where we, with our extensive civil litigation expertise, can really step up to provide you with the necessary legal representation in such cases to make sure that our client's rights are fully protected - and where suffering party does, in fact, get their truly equal share contrary to the lesser amounts proposed using various proposed "scheming" techniques undercutting true share.

We work with many experts when working on cases like that, i.e. certified business valuators, appraisers, forensic experts, tax experts, detectives and even law enforcement all the time, as well as psychotherapists and other social services professionals, when emotional support is also necessary or required.

Whether you are seeking an uncontested or contested divorce, looking for more information about child support and custody or spousal support, ME Law Toronto Family Law Firm provides top-notch legal representation. With years of experience in handling family law matters, we guarantee you the best possible outcome.

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My mother was almost on a death bed and we needed a Lawyer to come to us to do the final affidavits and certain documents to be Notarized. We have tried to call a number of Lawyers to see if anyone would be able to come in in the evening as my mother was ovbiously not in any condition to travel and May was the only one was Okay in coming over and helping us. Thank to her and she was very respectful of our situation.



My Dad works at the big International Organization and got an emergency call where he had to travel the very next day but we had some very urgent unfinished business here at home in Toronto too. I managed to find May via my Facebook network on Saturday afternoon and she was nothing but helpful. She was very kind to come closer to our location on the same snowy Saturday night and to complete that Power of Attorney that we needed the night before my Dad’s departure. Much appreciated and definitely great support to May from us!


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ME Law understands how stressful and uncertain these situations can be. At ME Law, our impressive winning record comes with exceptional “people skills.” We work tirelessly to solve your family disputes. Consult our FAQ section or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce

When both you and your partner agree on the divorce's negotiated terms, it is called an uncontested divorce. Generally, courts require the couple to stay separated for a year before granting a divorce. In such cases where both individuals agree on the issues, divorce is usually granted without making an appearance in court.

In other cases, where one or both the spouses have a significant disagreement on the points raised by the divorce, it is called a contested divorce. Couples may disagree over the custody of their child/children, child and spousal support, matters dealing with property, among others. The court will require the individuals to file documents listing their respective positions highlighting the disputed areas. If the party does not reach a consensus, a court judge decides on the matters and grants a divorce.

Child Support and Spousal Support

Are you wondering which of the two supports take precedence? In most cases, child support payments come first over spousal support. The courts will ensure appropriate child support payments are awarded based on the child support guidelines.

On the matters of spousal support, the courts are more flexible. In cases where divorce's financial implications become overwhelming for one individual, the courts may lower the spousal support payments.

At ME Law, we can draft you a very detailed separation agreement that would also fully protect your children's rights not only now, but even after the separation to the extent where even the schedules of children with each partner are pre-determined and agreed in the future. In addition, we make sure that their interests are even protected should any of the leaving partners start a new family at some point in the future and so their members can be in any way detrimental to your child's well-being.

How Much Child Support Will I Need To Pay?

In Ontario, the parent with whom the child lives receives child support payments from the other. The child support guidelines determine the particular amount to be paid by the non-custodial parent.

According to the guidelines, child support comprises the table amount (basic monthly) and extraordinary expenses. The table amount is governed by the gross annual income of the non-custodial parent and the number of children that need support.

What Happens When You Do Not Pay/Receive Child Support?

If child support payments are not being made according to the separation agreement, you can notify the court and Family Responsibility Office to ensure compliance.

Time after time, we see that certain partners do not wish to honour their obligations under the pre-nuptial agreements - thus, we make sure that your rights are protected in such cases and only what is allowed under the law is included in Net Family Equalization statements.

How Much Spousal Support Will I Need to Pay?

The amount of spousal support depends on a case-by-case basis. However, there is no legally binding guideline for spousal support.

Court judges refer to the spousal support advisory guidelines when deciding the amount of support to be paid and other factors such as the party's financial capabilities and economic hardships.

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