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Whether you are charged with impaired driving, assault, theft or fraud, here, at ME Law Toronto Criminal Law Firm, we provide outstanding defence and legal representation. Due to our extensive amount of trial experience in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area Criminal Courts, we are not afraid to litigate every issue to get YOU the best results. We are progressive, versatile, hard working, competent, and well versed in many legal areas. We pride ourselves on building the strongest representation for your acquittal. Nothing can hold us back.

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No matter how difficult your case is, there is always hope as long as you are represented by a Qualified Trial Lawyer, who at every corner is working at trying to negotiate the best outcome resolutions for YOU.


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May helped me to avoid jail when she represented me after my second DUI in 10 years. She definitely fights hard to achieve the best results for you and Thanks a lot again!


CEO & Founder

May did a bail for me after a very unfortunate incident and even the Crown admitted during the discussions that every single lawyer should be of her level of professionalism as she did really provided very strong arguments to allow me that bail even though there were a number of other outstanding charges in other Courts.



May just totally saved my life. She got my charges of an assault with the weapon totally withdrawn and gave me a new chance to life. One bad accident could have totally ruined my life but now I got another chance Thanks to her!



May worked hard to have my charges withdrawn (*trafficking of drugs, proceeds of crime, possession of drugs) and she kept me out of jail. I'm a freeman because of her - her constant calling to ensure I complete my counselling and do everything I need to do was the reason I stayed on track!



When I was charged with fraud I had to put my life, my schooling and my career on hold. I worked with May very closely. May researched everything in and out with regards to my case. She knew I was innocent from day one - she told me to gather the evidence from day one - she told me that she will have extensive conversations with the Crown and will help me gather evidence I needed to prove my innocence. She even had a meeting with the detective in charge at the Aurora police department where she provided all the evidence I had gathered with her to prove my innocence and my charges got withdrawn. You need May on your side and she showed me how much she cared about me and my matter. She always called me to provide me with updates too. Thank You again May!



I’ve been suffering with substance abuse along with depression for many-many years and had a very serious incident at the rehab facility with their staff due to the change of medication at the time I was going through a very serious transitionary period. This charge would have resulted in a very serious criminal charges brought against me as well as the subsequent consequences to my current work that I tried to hold on to. Right from Day 1, counsell worked really hard fighting all these charges for me proving that there were no Criminal charges as such and this whole incident was just a very unfortunate set of events and misfortunes that led to such bad luck.

We had to use the help of a very serious expert along the way but counsel worked very diligently with him in order to get to the very bottom of this case and so we could have shown it all to the Crown to completely explain my situation at the time.

P.S. I’m feeling much-much better now a year later after the incident. But I definitely recommend ME Law, nonetheless, and their lawyers for anyone in the same situation to help you out of your troubles.


Industrial Operator

I am a recently landed immigrant in Canada and it is definitely also hard for me and both of my kids to readjust to a very different culture. In addition, my son is only 15 and it is even harder for him as he is undergoing through “that” period when while he thinks that he is “an adult” already, it is definitely not the case, so a very minor mistake can totally have an impact on his entire future, well-being and career. Moreover, I definitely know that he loves his family and we love him immensely too so we all take such family domestic incident as a lesson to all of us but the one that we prevailed as a family, came out stronger and all wiser as a result too. Thank you, May! And I can definitely say that her rates were very reasonable as well as she definitely works with you all along the way and in a very supportive and compassionate way.


still in school (mother’s review)

My son had very serious substance abuse throughout his whole life. I think this was the final straw that we could have hit after which we would have no chance of return to any kind of normalcy.

Thus, although this case was also done via Legal Aid but May did work for us as any other high profile lawyer would work on the case with getting maximum out of this situation. Moreover, I think after one of our visits one day and seeing someone compassionate towards my son, something has really changed in him and he really started taking his rehab course much more seriously now as well as really realizing that he ought to move on and just to bury all these demons behind him to be able just move on to a new chapter.


(mother’s review)

Counsel managed to get me a resolution over the phone regardless of complete Courts lockdown during Covid-19 so I got my license again in August (from the incident happening in March) instead of getting it the next March. Thanks a lot, May!!


Bail Services
Bail Services

If you have just been arrested and taken into custody, you must be brought before a Justice of the Peace for a bail hearing within 24 hours. To avoid excessive time spent in custody, you need a criminal defence attorney who is thoroughly knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the Toronto Bail System. It is crucial to seek our help for immediate assistance with the following:

  • Bail Services Consented Bails
  • Bail Services Contested with Surety preparation
  • Bail Services Variations on all forms of release
  • Bail Services Bail Reviews
  • Bail Services Bail Pending Appeals
Driving Under Influence
Driving Under Influence

Driving offences can lead to serious consequences such as having a Criminal Record. Whether you want to win in court or get the case dropped, contracting the best DUI legal representation immediately could also save you from a future license suspensions. Obtain qualified advice from a reputable DUI lawyer ME Law in case you are charged with:

  • Driving Under Influence Driving While Impaired (DUI)
  • Driving Under Influence Driving at or over 80 mg of Alcohol
  • Driving Under Influence Dangerous Driving
  • Driving Under Influence Careless Driving
  • Driving Under Influence Refusing to Provide a Breath Sample
Assault Charges
Assault Charges

Assault offences can lead to serious penalties that can go up to remaining 6 months in custody and a Criminal Record. Over the years, we gained da eep expertise in all types of assault offences. When you hire a proficient ME Law lawyer to defend your case (as complicated as it might be), you are guaranteed the most powerful defence, should any of the following charges arise:

  • Assault Charges Domestic/Simple Assault
  • Assault Charges Assault with a weapon/causing bodily harm
  • Assault Charges Aggravated Assault
  • Assault Charges Sexual Assault/Representing complainants in sexual assault trials
  • Assault Charges Assault Police Officer
Property Offences
Property Offences

When you are accused of theft or aggravated, armed or bank robbery, it is vital to seek legal advice as soon as possible. From the early stages and up until the case goes to trial, make sure you have the best criminal lawyer in Toronto on your side. We guarantee unparalleled expert advice and indisputable representation for the following situations and beyond:

  • Property Offences Theft under $5,000
  • Property Offences Theft over $5,000
  • Property Offences Robbery/Mischief
  • Property Offences Extortion
  • Property Offences Break and Enter
Drug Offences Legal Representation
Drug Offences Legal Representation

Since many Drug Trafficking and Possession charges could lead to additional complications when linked with severe consequences such as manslaughter (when supplying drugs caused somebody’s death), to avoid the risk of lengthy jail sentences, you should have a qualified Toronto criminal defence lawyer ready to defend your case. Obtain a well-trained and forceful representation for the following charges:

  • Drug Offences Legal Representation Possession
  • Drug Offences Legal Representation Trafficking
  • Drug Offences Legal Representation Importing/Exporting
  • Drug Offences Legal Representation Production
Powerful Criminal Defence
Powerful Criminal Defence

Our team of Toronto defence lawyers has a successful record of accomplishments in defending a vast spectrum of criminal charges. In the pursuit of justice, we provide strong criminal defence services and exceptional litigation outcomes. Contact us from the earliest stages of the proceedings and we will support you in any circumstances, including:

  • Powerful Criminal Defence Fraud
  • Powerful Criminal Defence Breach of Trust
  • Powerful Criminal Defence Sexual Assault Trials
  • Powerful Criminal Defence Representing victims
  • Powerful Criminal Defence Limited Scope Retainer

Are You Facing Serious Criminal Charges?

At ME Law, we work tirelessly to develop the strongest defence strategies for criminal cases, while minimizing costs, delays, and negative outcomes. Consult our FAQ section or give us a call now to start working on your case. Count on us to protect your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Fees?

Our Fees depend on your specific situation. We provide an initial FREE 30 minutes consultation to evaluate your case. We will then determine the complexity, the amount of work that needs to be done and the other factors that might influence your particular situation. We then discuss payment options such an hourly rate fee, block fee or whether Legal Aid would be available in your situation. Payment plans are available.

Can you help me as I am under signicant stress and don’t know that to do?

Do not overthink the situation and do not act irrationaly when you are under a significant amount of stress or do not know what to do. Call Us Now for A FREE 30 minutes consultation and we can immediately start handling your case. Do not think that your situation is unique, most likely there were similiar cases before, and this is where we can, as professionals with prior experience, step in to advise you on the best course of action to take and/or solution to your problem. Remember you have rights too and not just obligations, so no need to panic and contact a professional to deal with you case in those stressful times.

When/Where can you see me?

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of dowtown Toronto, right across from Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The closest subway stations are either St.George or Bay/Yonge/Bloor or Museum stations. There is a municipal parking in the back of the building. After our initial consultation over the phone, we will make an appointment and discuss all your matters confidentialy at our office.

What is the Process and Steps along the way?

After our inital consultation over the phone, we schedule an appointment at our office where we discuss in detail your legal issue. We collect the initial facts from you and then atttend the first appearance Court on your behalf (as well as any further apperances). We then collect the initial disclosure from the Crown Attorney to start working on your case. We review that disclosure and advise you on the best strategy to take to tackle your matter. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty and we vigorously fight for your rights and always try to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

How long does the court process take?

It all depends on your legal matter. Criminal law matters tend to move much more quickly through the courts versus civil litigation matters. That does not mean that your criminal law matter will be done in a day or two or in a month. With criminal law you have a right to have your criminal law matter dealt with without delay and that is a right you have under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 11(b) which states that you are to be tried within a reasonable time. The Charter does not place a time frame of how long it would take to complete your matter. However, the timeline has been clarified in the common law in a case referred to as R. v. Jordan. In R. v. Jordan it was determined that criminal cases in the provincial courts from beginning to end should take 18 months, whereas cases heard in superior courts or cases tried in provincial courts after a preliminary inquiry should only take 30 months. Motions can be brought in criminal courts to have criminal charges stayed due to delay in being tried within a reasonable time. Therefore, in criminal courts you can expect your matter to last a little over a year. This is not the same in civil litigation matters. In Simplified Procedure you are expected to complete your matter within 5 years or your matter will be thrown out of court. The bigger the civil litigation issue the longer it would take to complete.

When should I call a criminal lawyer?

If you have already been arrested by police, it is critical you get the help of a good criminal defence lawyer. However, you should call a lawyer before you even get arrested to save you time, money and headache. If you think you did something illegal but are not sure what the consequences are, do not wait until the police are on your case. We have advised a number of individuals and companies on the legality of their actions before charges are laid to give them control in their situation. A simple investment of time and money before anything happens can help save you thousands of dollars and can even prevent a charge being laid against you.

Is it absolutely necessary for me to hire a lawyer for my criminal charges?

Hiring a lawyer is a crucial step for anyone who knows the legal system. However, a lot of people do not think it is necessary. Your criminal defence lawyer will use their expertise and skills to apply to your specific situation to help you navigate the criminal justice system the best possible way, and to get the best possible outcome for you.

Without one, there is a bigger risk for unnecessary and permanent consequences. If you are being charged with a criminal offence, the best action you can take is to hire a lawyer to make sure that the devastating effects of a criminal conviction are alleviated. From the start, your lawyer will be able to explain what the potential outcomes are for your case, the advantages and disadvantages are with your case, and the costs that will be associated.

What happens on the first day of criminal court in Ontario?

On your first day of criminal court, it is not your trial date. It is an administrative appearance with the purposes of understanding what your charges are and to get disclosure and to advise the court of your intentions in retaining your lawyer.

Can I just represent myself?

Canada’s criminal law is a very complex system and someone without an extensive background in criminal law will not be able to navigate it effectively. For example, you would not perform a life-saving operation on yourself, would you? You should not risk your legal health by trying to defend yourself in the court of the law..

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to hire a non-criminal lawyer?

You might find that the rates for criminal defence lawyers are higher. But when it comes to something that can legally damage your reputation, you do not want someone inexperienced to represent you. Expert criminal justice lawyers will be able to handle your case swiftly and effectively when compared to non-criminal lawyers, who might take triple the time to figure things out. What you are paying a premium for is our expertise.

Would we need to hire experts and other professionals to help us with our legal matter?

It all depends on your criminal law matter and your civil litigation issue. We have a wide variety of experts and professionals that we trust and work with that can provide us with expert reports and opinions and can even come to court and testify on your behalf. We always work for our clients and put them first to achieve the best results for them.

We are members of the following highly-regarded Professional Associations

Law Society of Ontario
Criminal Lawyers' Association

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