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Although Canadian litigation system focuses on resolving civil disputes, and only 10% go to trial, legal disputes can be a daunting experience. Whether you are looking for a reasonable settlement or an astute litigator to defend you in court, our team of specialist civil lawsuit lawyers has the expertise to apply the right practice-proven litigation methods for your situation. We are also experts in using a variety of progressive techniques inspired from other areas of practice we deal with, just to make sure we will resolve your civil dispute effectively and efficiently. After years of gaining substantial negotiating leverage as well as winning civil disputes, we have all it takes to provide insightful legal assistance while successfully representing your case.

Experienced Toronto Civil Litigation Lawyer

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The Ontario Civil Procedure is extremely complicated. Only by having a reputable civil litigation lawyer on your side, you will receive the best possible support, guidance, and legal representation for your special circumstances.

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100% of our clients recommend our civil litigation services

May literally saved my life after I was about to lose my home. She worked very hard negotiating with other parties lawyer and also provided me with options how to resolve my case that I didn’t even think of. Moreover, after the whole arrangement I ended up even having a little bit of cushion to sort out all my affairs that led me to the misfortunate set of events.


Business Owner

I am a very busy contractor, especially during the summer month, even with my own lawyer but I needed an actual Trial Lawyer as I got into a really weird situation with one of the clients where I was acting as a subcontractor.

Essentially, and I realize that it might not be the case, but I think that client just wanted to create a conflict situation out of nothing in the first place right from the very start just in order to try to sue the seller of the equipment and then to get even better merchandise (deal) instead of paying for it more right from the start (the second item she spoke on her FB profile was 3x the original merchandize cost). Thus, starting from the very first day we arrived to inspect the site, the client did not show, nor wasn’t even interested in showing any kind of cooperation to us (which immediately rang the bell as others just can’t wait for us to finish). In addition, each day the client was changing their minds regardless of our notices that new changes would require a total structural amendments and would result in even more work, expenses and etc, not even mentioning that potentially might damage the installed equipment, if not installed properly.

Thus, from the very first moment working with ME Law, they demonstrated a very professional approach and respect to us both in taking us as clients and in working through the case as well. They thoroughly investigated what really had happened, collected all the evidence and almost built up a full scale court defence to start the resolution process with that client where I was a subcontractor. I was even getting actually panic attacks prior to hiring ME Law as I started doubting myself but Thank God, it is all over now (and, although, it did, indeed, cost a little bit for us to finalize it all -but it is always definitely better to hire an experienced lawyer who totally acts on your side, understands you and really fights for you to the very end rather than creating additional risks to your business than do it all under yourself under additional stress).

Thus, all in all, that peace of mind knowing that professionals are handling it in the proper manner was definitely worth that additional expense.



Family Law: separation agreement, asset split and child Custody

I don’t want to say a lot but Thank God it’s over!

Moreover, even though I do not want to throw any more stones in the opposite side and just leave it all finally at peace at this stage but thanks very much to May, nevertheless, as she really fought for the best scenario for my son’s custody and his future even though both the opposite side was not co-operative from the start along with a very strong lawyer representation from their side too but we still did manage to get what we wanted from the very beginning in all aspects of the separation, i.e. asset split and child custody! Thanks a lot, May!



My case is still ongoing (as it was taken by insurance company lawyers’ now) but I definitely want to say big Thanks to May after she started working with me regarding this totally vexatious litigation case brought against me by a person who is liable himself as he either did not want to pay attention, nor deliberately got into this episode so just want to make money out of me now even though he did not suffer any Damages whatsoever (nor any harm was caused to him, nor anything else as it was just a minor misfortune accident) extended now into a civil litigation claim in itself and amplified by the plaintiff himself to a greater extent, as was mentioned above.

All in all, May, who worked with me on this matter, has always shown me greatest sense of respect, she would literally return your calls or emails almost within hour or two, if not immediately, if she was available, and she is really a great professional and a very nice person in general just to deal with.


Health professional

I am a passionate entrepreneur, visionary and a risk-taker. I have a number of successful businesses but, unfortunately, I have had some bad luck with one of my projects too. Thus, I got into a very serious problem with one of the creditors when things did not go according to plan, unfortunately, and, regardless of all my good efforts to resolve it amicably, things just spiraled and spiraled out of my control until it was almost too late. As a result, it could all have even ruined my other cash generating businesses on which my lifeblood greatly depends on too.

Mind you, I contacted the other lawyer prior to starting working with May and shockingly that lawyer, frankly, did not even know what the hell he was doing at all, even though he was calling himself a Corporate Lawyer, with everything on a lockdown during lockdown, not helping either. But let me tell you that once the ball start rolling (asset freezes, garnishments and etc) and, even as a very educated and savvy in all these matters professionals myself, the complexity of Civil Litigation procedure as well as the whole notion of Superior Court of Justice becomes so intense and stressful that you really gotta have a really good lawyer by your side to get involved in order to make sure that it gets resolved right as repercussions could be absolutely devastating.

Therefore, I think May did her very best in my case and we managed to resolve it in the most effective fashion. nevertheless. She does, indeed, work really hard for her corporate clients and is very candid in her dealings as well as in a very time-efficient manner totally understanding the legal consequences if things would not go according to plan so she has enough time for Plan B just in case too. But I definitely will be using May for any of my future legal needs.



COVID-19 Dispute Awareness

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused an unprecedented amount of contract delays, disputes, part performance, and breach of obligations and more disputes will inevitably arise moving forward. The interruption at both federal and provincial levels will result in challenging and complex legal matters for individuals and businesses alike. Even if the risk of a civil litigation is just theoretical for the time being, preventing and anticipating a legal dispute could be surprisingly beneficial for your profits and for your brand reputation.

Fortunately, there is a better way you can prepare for such unplanned turns of events. If you are (or expect to be) involved in a dispute caused by COVID-19’s negative impact on your life (concerning private, professional or business matters), the remarkably experienced litigation lawyers at ME Law in Downtown, Toronto are here to help. After years of successfully defending our clients’ interests, we are well prepared to guide you and support you by providing valuable insights into your contractual rights and obligations. Our striking track record and the strong reputation in civil litigation speak for themselves. Get in touch with our team today and let’s resolve all your problems during these very difficult times together.

Contract Law and Breaches of contract
Contract Law and Breaches of contract

Any breach of a contractual obligation could result in a claim for damages. Whether it’s a case of non-performance or interference with other party's performance, our Toronto civil suit team of lawyers can offer clear legal advice and can handle civil litigations pertaining to all types of contractual breaches and contract claims, such as:

  • Contract Law and Breaches of contract Commercial contracts
  • Contract Law and Breaches of contract Agreements for the sale and purchase of land, property and other assets as well as services
  • Contract Law and Breaches of contract Employment contracts
  • Contract Law and Breaches of contract Nonperformance, injunctions or negligence
Canadian Business Corporations Law
Canadian Business Corporations Law

What type of company formation does your new business require? Do you need an advise how to set up a company or you considering winding down your business or selling it altogether ? Either way, you will need to go through countless forms, procedures, and timelines. Retaining a proficient lawyer to represent you guarantees the best legal advice and the experience necessary to succeed in any situation (including a lawsuit).

  • Canadian Business Corporations Law Company formations
  • Canadian Business Corporations Law Business Sale or Closing Down
  • Canadian Business Corporations Law Company liability
  • Canadian Business Corporations Law Corporate Governance
  • Canadian Business Corporations Law Rights and Remedies for shareholders and stakeholders
Civil Fraud
Civil Fraud

Whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff in a mortgage scam or a real estate fraud case, our savvy lawyers have the discretion, the ethics and the wealth of experience necessary to help you escalate it hassle-free. The best way to avoid fraud charges or any other form of commercial real estate fraud is to consult an attorney immediately and learn about your legal options. We deal with:

  • Civil Fraud Real Estate Fraud
  • Civil Fraud Mortgage fraud
  • Civil Fraud Commercial property Fraud
  • Civil Fraud Franchise fraud
Commercial Conflicts and Civil Disputes
Commercial Conflicts and Civil Disputes

Conflicts between individuals or business entities can end up in complex lawsuits, with many intricate phases. From affidavits of documents to statements of claims, defences, pleadings, discovery examinations, motions, replies, mediation, settlements, refusals, and trial, we navigate everything on behalf of our clients. We have a proven track of favourable judgments in:

  • Commercial Conflicts and Civil Disputes Commercial conflicts
  • Commercial Conflicts and Civil Disputes Disputes between individuals, businesses, and institutions
  • Commercial Conflicts and Civil Disputes Disputes over harm done, injuries sustained or money owed
Disputes with Management Company/Condominium Boards
Disputes with Management Company/Condominium Boards

If owners or condominium boards fail to fulfill their responsibilities or behave improperly, a team of diligent civil dispute lawyers is available to incessantly work on your case and provide outstanding bespoke resolution and litigation services. Besides pursuing the best resolution through civil action, we will make sure to seek the right amount of damages (whenever necessary), for:

  • Disputes with Management Company/Condominium Boards Occupiers liability
  • Disputes with Management Company/Condominium Boards Trespassing, bylaws
  • Disputes with Management Company/Condominium Boards Civil claims resulting
  • Disputes with Management Company/Condominium Boards Unpaid fees and bills
  • Disputes with Management Company/Condominium Boards Health and safety rules
Landlord and Tenant Board Issues
Landlord and Tenant Board Issues

When landlord-tenant disputes arise, having a professional civil attorney on your side will make all the difference and could save you from ending up with an improper decision or order. Based on numerous precedent-setting tenancy law rulings, we have a strong track record of fighting against disadvantageous judgments. We have successfully reviewed, amended, or appealed cases in our clients’ favour, including:

  • Landlord and Tenant Board Issues Appeals
  • Landlord and Tenant Board Issues Evictions
  • Landlord and Tenant Board Issues Property damage
  • Landlord and Tenant Board Issues Rent payments

If you are dealing with a divorce, it is always a wise idea to speak with a lawyer that has the intelligence, extensive experience and empathy to assist you through this difficult time in your life. Rely on our remarkable capacity of handling the multifaceted legal challenges of a transitioning family. Our equally pragmatic and sensitive approach help clients navigate through the following:

  • Divorce Asset splitting
  • Divorce Separation agreements
  • Divorce Financial settlements
  • Divorce Custody
Human Rights Lawyer
Human Rights Lawyer

We provide well-respected legal counsel to victims of human rights violations, including Age, Ethnic origin, Ancestry, Colour, Race, Citizenship, Place of origin, Religion, Family status, Disability, Marital status (single status included), as well as the following:

  • Human Rights Lawyer Receipt of public assistance (housing only)
  • Human Rights Lawyer Sex (breastfeeding and pregnancy included)
  • Human Rights Lawyer Record of offences (employment only)
  • Human Rights Lawyer Gender identity & expression, sexual orientation
Legal Paperwork, Reviews, and Injunctions
Legal Paperwork, Reviews, and Injunctions

As part of our bespoke legal services, the ME Law specialist advisers and civil litigation lawyers are always here to answer your questions related to a variety of legal proceedings, paperwork, and civil matters, maximizing your chances of a successful result. Someone from our legal team will assess your needs, options, and goals, then closely work with you and help through every step of the way. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need legal guidance related to:

  • Legal Paperwork, Reviews, and Injunctions Licenses, Permits, Applications
  • Legal Paperwork, Reviews, and Injunctions Demand Letters, Affidavits, Reviews and Injunctions
  • Legal Paperwork, Reviews, and Injunctions Regulatory bodies (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario)

Are You Facing A Legal Dispute?

At ME Law, our impressive winning record comes with exceptional “people skills.” We work tirelessly to solve your legal disputes and litigations while minimizing costs, delays, and negative outcomes. Consult our FAQ section or give us a call. Count on our specialized civil litigators to protect your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Fees?

Our Fees depend on your specific situation. We provide an initial FREE 30 minutes consultation to evaluate your case. We will then determine the complexity, the amount of work that needs to be done and the other factors that might influence your particular situation. We then discuss payment options such an hourly rate fee, block fee or whether payment plans would be available to you in your situation.

Do you deal with Breach of Contract, Fraud and Loss of Opportunity?

Yes we do deal with breach of contract, fraud and loss of opportunity in the sphere of civil litigation. Call Us Now for A FREE 30 minutes consultation and we can immediately start handling your case. Do not think that your situation is unique, most likely there were similiar cases before, and this is where we can, as professionals with prior experience, step in to advise you on the best course of action to take and/or solution to your problem. Remember you have rights too and not just obligations, so no need to panic and contact a professional to deal with you case in those stressful times.

When/Where can you see me?

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of dowtown Toronto, right across from Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The closest subway stations are either St.George or Bay/Yonge/Bloor or Museum stations. There is a municipal parking in the back of the building. After our initial consultation over the phone, we will make an appointment and discuss all your matters confidentialy at our office.

What is the Process and Steps along the way?

After our inital consultation over the phone, we schedule an appointment at our office where we discuss in detail your legal issue. We try to contact you promply and immediately, if necessary, in order to keep you engaged throughout the whole process.

Do you do regulatory work, i.e. application for permits, licenses and other legal assistance related to compliance issues?

We do regulatory work and are happy to assist you with your matters.

In fact over the years we have learnt that more and more clients we have dealt with are coming back to us for help with their regulatory and various applications problems beyond their primary case and matters we have dealt with them in the past.

However, on the other hand, there were also many instances where clients who were offered help to make sure that all documents were filled correctly after our initial consultation, but then decided to do it all themselves just to save a few buck, but then regretted it altogether later after making such inexpensive work on their own, later only to come back to us because their mistakes they made were even more costly resulting in a further complications for them but now needed a legal representative to sort if out at that point. Always make sure that you fill all documents, applications, licenses and permits properly and using professional and qualified advice, if necessary, and remember that sometimes even the use of the lawyer by your side makes a significant difference for your treatment by regulatory bodies.

The examples of licenses and permits we helped to other people to botain range from obtaining building permits, to applying for liquor licenses, to helping people fill the documents to Immigration authorities and etc.

Contact ME Law to discuss your matter and learn about the various options available to you. Please also note that, obvsiouly, we can't promise you that we will be be experts on all areas of law, however, we have an extensive network of other professionals and expers who we can refer you, if necessary.

Do you do limited scope retainers?

Yes we do limited scope retainers.

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