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ME Law Professional Corporation is a boutique law firm based in Downtown, Toronto, specializing in Trial Litigation. We cover the following areas of law: Criminal, Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Wills and Estates, and Notary Public Services.

Our mission is simple: we work tirelessly to provide the best legal representation and to achieve the highest customer satisfaction while minimizing delays, costs, and negative outcomes. Our vision is clear: we want a fair justice available to all.

Our clients recommend us for the positive experience, reasonable rates, professionalism, exceptional communication, constant assistance, solid and a transparent approach from start to finish.

Our Team
ME Law Professional Corporation

Our Philosophy

ME Law Professional Lawyers
Golden Rule One

Our Client Always Has To WIN

Right from the moment we take you onboard, you become our ONLY priority. Not winning your case (or delivering exceptional results) is never an option for us. Day in, day out, we go above and beyond, until no stone is left unturned to provide the best course of action FOR YOU. No excuses. If you are dealing with a pressing legal issue or charged with a crime or simply just require a legal consultation to evaluate your best options available sometimes, we use our advanced expertise to secure the best defence or results you could possibly get. Period.

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We Treat Every Client As Our Only Client

We do understand that each individual has specific personal circumstances and needs. Our approach is extremely professional, yet HUMAN, friendly, and empathetic. We patiently walk you through the legal jargon. We listen to your concerns, explain and answer all your questions clearly, until you have a complete grasp of the best options ahead of you. We are always here for you!

Mutual Trust and Confidence - ME Law
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Mutual Trust and Confidence

We are abiding by the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality. From the get-go, we rely on you telling us all the facts that we want to know. We need you to trust us with as much information as you have, right from day 1. Every detail could be vital to solving or winning your case. Rest assured that we only have your best interest at heart. Winning your trust is of paramount importance for us, and for obtaining a NOT GUILTY verdict or resolving your dispute.

Our Work Ethos

ME Law Office

Up-to-date Competency

“Everything we do, we do well.”

We are experienced, yet we are always evolving and progressing too. For us, there is no “just another case.” For each client, we make the best of our established practices, knowledge and techniques while we are not afraid of challenging the status quo by experimenting with the new contemporary methods available to us that many “old-school” lawyers tend to lack. Moreover, because we have experience in a number areas of law, for instance, cases that started in Criminal Law that led to Family Law representation, from Real Estate that lead to Civil Litigation disputes and so forth, we are very versatile to use such techniques and methods from others areas of Law, if required, that many specialized lawyer lack. We do always remember that choosing the right lawyer can determine the person’s destiny and when they entrust it to us, they rely on us with their most important that they have - their lives. Thus, we will go to any lengths in building your defence or fight for your rights because our clients success is our success too.



“Our reputation precedes us”

We provide the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, honesty and respect while treating everyone as we would like to be treated. Our hard work, passion, and determination have led to a long-standing and well-established reputation not just with our clients, but also with the entire legal community. The best lawyers, judges, crowns, and experts know us, admire us and even recommend us not just for our effectiveness, but also for who we are. Ethical behaviour and transparency are of utmost importance to us and that is why we believe we achieve success ourselves and we can share it with our clients.

Time Management - ME Law

Clockwork Time Management

“We keep time on our side.”

We are very strict about being one-step ahead and being proactive at the same time too. We keep all our communication channels open. We are here 24/7 for our clients. If there is any news related to their case, they will be the first to know. We invest massive amounts of time and energy in analysing, foreseeing unexpected challenges, and preparing backup strategies. Whatever happens, we make sure to have all the bases covered immediately, and right in advance. Nothing could take us by surprise.

Our Guarantee

We understand that choosing a lawyer for your legal matter is never easy and fun, but here, at ME Law Professional Corporation, we are doing our best to make it as reassuring and as hassle-free as possible. You are probably concerned about costs, duration, and outcome. But by choosing us to represent you, you will have the peace of mind you need to stay focused on coping with what is happening. Let us help you and leave the legal battle to us. We will fight for your rights, until you will be completely satisfied with the result. And to show you we put our money where our mouth is, the following is the list of promises we live by:

  • You’ll receive the clearest and most honest advice on the options available to you
  • We’ll help you make thoroughly-informed decisions to get you the very best results
  • We’re always showing the greatest attention to details and will work you all along the way
  • We are approachable, patient and we return all your calls to give you the peace of mind
Lawyer Opinion

100 % of our clients would recommend our legal services

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some client reviews

May helped me to avoid jail when she represented me after my second DUI in 10 years. She definitely fights hard to achieve the best results for you and Thanks a lot again!


CEO & Founder

May did a bail for me after a very unfortunate incident and even the Crown admitted during the discussions that every single lawyer should be of her level of professionalism as she did really provided very strong arguments to allow me that bail even though there were a number of other outstanding charges in other Courts.



May just totally saved my life. She got my charges of an assault with the weapon totally withdrawn and gave me a new chance to life. One bad accident could have totally ruined my life but now I got another chance Thanks to her!



May worked hard to have my charges withdrawn (*trafficking of drugs, proceeds of crime, possession of drugs) and she kept me out of jail. I'm a freeman because of her - her constant calling to ensure I complete my counselling and do everything I need to do was the reason I stayed on track!



When I was charged with fraud I had to put my life, my schooling and my career on hold. I worked with May very closely. May researched everything in and out with regards to my case. She knew I was innocent from day one - she told me to gather the evidence from day one - she told me that she will have extensive conversations with the Crown and will help me gather evidence I needed to prove my innocence. She even had a meeting with the detective in charge at the Aurora police department where she provided all the evidence I had gathered with her to prove my innocence and my charges got withdrawn. You need May on your side and she showed me how much she cared about me and my matter. She always called me to provide me with updates too. Thank You again May!



May helped me with my Real Estate transaction and she went above and beyond to do it right for me. Unfortunately, the first closing did not work but she did not charge me for all that work she did and was always on the phone to me every single time with any question I had. Definitely recommend May to all as a really great Real Estate Lawyer!



May literally saved my life after I was about to lose my home. She worked very hard negotiating with other parties lawyer and also provided me with options how to resolve my case that I didn’t even think of. Moreover, after the whole arrangement I ended up even having a little bit of cushion to sort out all my affairs that led me to the misfortunate set of events.


Business Owner

May is an outstanding professional. She did Wills for all our family: myself, my husband and then she did additional work for our son's family too because they wanted to be done with May as well. Her detailed and meticulous approach were something every professional should learn in order how to really be performing. Not only did she helped to draft our Wills twice and included all the necessary changes right on time, but she did that while I was very busy travelling and so there were no delays and complications from all that for me too. She always responded to my communications as early as possible from her side and I can't recommend her enough to anyone who is interested in quality rather than just someone who does not care about their work ethic and clients that much. Moreover, her rates for such work were very-very reasonable too.


Health Professional & Consultant

May was the fourth Wills and Estate lawyer I went to talk to and it was like day and night between the prior lawyers I met to May's approach. Firstly, May suggested that we list my assets separately so it would be easier for my family members to identify where to search and for what assets in the Will (exactly what I wanted right from the beginning) in case if something were happen to me unexpectedly and I wouldnt have time to go over through these with them. Secondly, and right from the very start, I also wanted to formally separate what I want to leave to each family member, considering their level of responsibility and maturity along with the fact that I do not want to disclose it all to the family members for now in all the details so not to cause any family disputes, and May totally supported me on that contrary to all previous lawyers who just wanted to draft very basic standard Will without any of these details as it would take too much of their time to do it for such fee, even though I was okay with paying the higher rate but, in order, just to make it all right the way I want it for me. Thirdly, I also wanted to draft a Power of Attorney/Power of Care in case if something unexpectedly were to happen to me and May also prepared these documents for me.
All in all, many lawyer nowadays want to do as minimum amount of work as possible and just to get the money out of clients without any care at all and this was definitely not the case with May. May Elajami is definitely a very diligient professional who you want to have a long lasting relationship with and to be your Family Lawyer in general altogether. Definitely recommend her to All!


Interior Design Business Owner

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Law Society of Ontario
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